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oil for 2.0 tfsi

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my eos has 5000km and was serviced at 3700km (2 years). On the service check list the long life oil control is checked, however now the oil is at the minimum level. Do you think this consuption is normal and which oil do you recommend for the 147Kw engine? The manual only states VW codes...
Do you recommend to go to VW so they can add long life oil (thus falling in the vw "trap")?

Thank you
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I'm not into metric but your useage of oil seem high. Over here oil changes come at 5,000, 10,000 and then every 10,000 miles thereafter. In your terms 8k, 16k, 32k, 48k meters etc. I use a quart of oil about every 4,000 miles. When the oil gets changed so does the filter. So the oil and filter both can go the distance. I think the oil is VW502.00 listed. The oil my dealer uses is Castrol Syntec 5W40. If you change your own you can use Mobil1 0W40. That comes from Mobil's website. Changing your oil can be a pain. From the bottom you need to remove the shield under the car. Another option is to remove the oil through the dipstick tube with a hose and pump. The filter I believe is on the side of the engine and not easy to get to unless you remove the top or bottom cover. BTW there are people reporting the useage of 1 quart of oil every 1,000 miles which VW considers "normal". Hope this helps. One other thought. Higher useage of oil may be due to driving harder. This only a guess and probably does not apply to you.
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