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oil for 2.0 tfsi

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my eos has 5000km and was serviced at 3700km (2 years). On the service check list the long life oil control is checked, however now the oil is at the minimum level. Do you think this consuption is normal and which oil do you recommend for the 147Kw engine? The manual only states VW codes...
Do you recommend to go to VW so they can add long life oil (thus falling in the vw "trap")?

Thank you
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Mine doesn't seem to need oil anymore... It's just over a year old and has maintained the right level for many months now...

FYI, I think the best OIL is the Mobil1 0W/40 Fully Synthetic... I also top up after each service with ExtraLube ZX1 (formula 1 super lubricant - no one of those teflon based rip off ones!).

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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