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Hi All,

My Girlfriend's 2008 Eos 2.0T FSI with 50K miles has an oil leak at the top of the motor on the driver's side. It appears to be coming from the small cover plate at the end of the camshafts, just behind the high pressure fuel pump.

The image below is borrowed from a how-to for DSG service on another site; the leak I am referencing is coming from the cover plate that is on the left side of the image, between the two intake ducts.

I am wondering if the failure of this seal is common, if there are any special considerations when replacing it, and if anyone knows of any possible underlying causes for this leak.

I have been reading about TSB's for the intake cam, the high pressure fuel pump cam follower, and the PCV system, and I am wondering if any of these TSB's and their corresponding warranty extensions might apply to this issue, (ie increased pressure from failed PCV causes failure of the seal). I have read of several people having failures of a camshaft cover seal at the opposite end of the motor covered by VW, but I can't find anything about this particular seal.

If anyone has any experience with this issue, or insight into what (if anything) is still covered by the "good will" warranty extensions, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance!
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