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Only a few more sleeps

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Hi all

I received confirmation today that my Eos will be ready to be picked up on Wednesday. :) I ordered the car in the first few days of January and so I am absolutely thrilled that it has finally arrived.

The package I went for was the 2.0T, Auto, Individual, Tint, Mud Flaps, Alarm, RNS 510 Sat Nav, Tint, Wind Deflector and Luggage set in wheat beige. ( I would have liked the black but it was far to much cleaning for me!)

I also purchased the Kryox lubricant for the seals as most people on this site have said it is worth the spend to ensure the seals are lubricated.

Here is hoping that all goes well for the delivery.

That would make us a two VW family. We also recently purchased a Golf Comfortline, 2.0, man, sunroof, leather etc etc

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Hiya how are you enjoying driving your new car?? brilliant isnt it :D

Steph xx
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