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Opening the Trunk

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I frequently have trouble opening my trunk. It locks back up on me before I can open it. I hold the remote down on the trunk symbol until I hear a click and it pops up slightly. Anyone else having trouble?
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I just got my Eos last week and have not had any trunk problems as if yet. Re above, the manual on page 34 (US edition booklet 3.1) says the doors/trunk relock after 30 seconds. It's suppose to be a safety feature.

If the above is correct AND you're not getting your full 30 seconds, it sounds like it may be a timer problem.

Well spotted! But I do get my full 30 secs before it closes again automatically IF I don't do anything at all in the meantime. But if I get out and shut my door then I hear it closing itself electrically immediately! So I'm afraid that's not the answer.

i hope everyone can get to the milk in time!!!:eek:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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