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Operating Roof On An Incline

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My driveway is sloped downwards, and the side I will be parking the Eos on has a bit of a camber as well (I always reverse onto the drive). I seem to remember reading somewhere that VW recommend not opening/closing the roof on an incline.

Can anyone confirm this? Obviously it would be preferable for me to do all the operations on the driveway, rather than having to pull onto the road before doing so. Any thoughts?
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If it is a slight incline either pitch or roll, it is ok, but not if it is too much. Also, I wouldn't make a habbit of it as nail-z-gull says....

Operating it on an incline (especially side to side (roll)), can put extra strain on the mechanism.

I have some some testing on this and when it is on a roll incline, the pins don't hit the a-pillar as centrally as they do without an incline, so there is clearly some torsional flexibility which can cause damage if the incline is to steep...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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