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Ordered in Decmember, delivered in June.

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First post.
Just ordered a Black TDi, DSG and an individual pack, hope to pick it up next Monday. Its what was available, couldn't wait 5 months.
Still not delivered due to VW "paperwork", :mad: maybe tomorrow (Friday).:rolleyes: Need it for the weekend as it is our wedding aniversary.:cool:
I still have my 2 year old Discovery 3. :) Not as romantic as a top down Eos. :rolleyes:
Well the stand-by is it for another weekend. VW Australia couldn't process their internal "paperwork" because their senior managers are at the Melbourne International Car Show:mad: The VW dealer will not deliver the Eos until VW Australia have signed off.
The Eos has been ready (apparently) since Wednesday.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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