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Hi all

Just a bit of advice please - 2.0 TFSI petrol Sport - stage 1 remap and pipercross filter & quad exhausts, running approx 255bhp/400nm torque

In Mid September, I had a lack of boost, got a P0299 under boost code, So I replaced, MAF, MAP and a boost hose to IC (all generic parts), still got code, found it was a tear in the diaphragm on the turbo Diverter Valve, replaced the DV with the upgraded piston type model (generic manufactured), all good boost better than ever.

Yesterday the car started stumbling (boost rapidly cutting in and out, giving the effect of a missfire) under partial boost boost on partial throttle, no error codes for missfire, and all plugs and coil packs changed out with genuine parts about 6 months ago.

if you run WOT seems ok

Has anyone else had similar symptoms with a P2261 code and consistent stumbling on partial boost and what was the solution ?

Question is, could a generic Diverter Valve possibly fail so soon ? the only reference I have found seems to point to the a physical issue with the Diverter Valve here P2261 – Turbocharger (TC) bypass valve/supercharger (8C) bypass valve –

code P2261 refers to a mechanical failure of the valve, as opposed to an electrical fault in one or more control and/or signal circuits associated with the bypass valve.

I am thinking as this is showing "implausible signal" could this be the MAP sensor throwing out incorrect values or even look look towards the N249 boost signal control valve solenoid instead as this is the only thing left to swap out?

Many thanks for your time
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