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The rear passenger spring was picked up in the last service as corroded and needing attention.

So, I decided to do this myself. I would rate the job has 5 /10 in terms cost (£47 from ECP), time (2 hrs), tools required (no special tools other than the usual, but I did use two trolley jacks) and difficulty.
Research / approach

I’m a great fan of Vox’s approach of undertaking a full assessment of the job before I decide if I can do it, or its needs to go to the garage. After reading a few posts on here, checking a few YouTube videos, reading the service manual it seemed I had the tools, ECP had a spring and if all else fails it wasn’t a big problem if the car was off the road for a few days if I needed extra parts. Also helped it was dry and warm.

There seems to be two approaches, using a spring compressor, or dropping the lower arm the spring sits in and then pull the spring out. Service manual says spring compressor route, however after some research I used method two


Slightly loosen the wheel nuts with the car on the ground. Chock all other wheels and put the car in first gear.

Jack up the car and use an axle stand, then remove the wheel.

My car has an additional sensor on the rear spring, I believe this is for the HID / self-leveling lights (see pic 1 & 2 ). This can be gently pried off, take your time hear and if needed a bit of silicon spray might help get it off. This must be removed before the next step

Loosen the bolt as seen in pic 3, but don’t remove it all the way yet.
Use a second trolley jack to take up the weight of suspension, about 1 inch will do . this will take the tension off the bolt so it can be removed

Slowly let the jack down and let the arm drop to the floor.
Remove spring, check the top and rubber spring cups for condition and note how the spring sits in each. See pic 4. Note the bottom spring cup has a pin sticking out which needs to align with the hole in the lower arm.

Check your new spring vs the old i.e. same height, thickness, number of coils etc. Mine was 2cm taller, so back to ECP for another…

Once you have the correct spring, fit the rubber cups (see prev post from Vox re TSB for the cups) and drop in the lower end first. check the hole aligns and then pop in the top.

Use the trolley jack again to raise the arm, nice and slow and align the holes for the bolt. Insert and tighten up. This took a few goes to get it all aligned

Remove jack and then tighten to 70mn + 180 degrees

Replace road wheel, remove jacks etc. go for a road test

Overall not a bad job and no special tools needed. I think the other side would take about half the time if I needed to do it again.

The service manual says to replace the bolt and nut but I used the old one again, as missed that line when doing my research , what has everyone else done , replaced or reused ?

Pics to follow ...
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