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Guess what, I had a problem today which I wanted to see if anyone else had seen (I think some people have)...

When I locked the car, the window didn't go up on the passenger side...

I then unlocked, got in shut door and it went up. Got out, locked and it didn't go up...

I then turned on ignition and then put it half way down and it wouldn't respond to button to go up!

Eventually it did... I then locked up and all was OK... About an hour later, went back to the car and all functions normally..

I was playing a bit with the window before this, so either I confused it, or may have even made the window motor hot, so maybe it cut out for that reason...

Will keep everyone posted if it happens again!

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Would it surprise you to hear I've had it?!

Dare I say it serves you right for having an EDA while most of us have been hard at work in horribly air conditioned offices?! :p

p.s. never found a solution for it, just put it down as one of those quirks! :rolleyes:
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