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Only a week to go now and I never thought I would be this excited but unfortunately the enthusiasm on these forums is incredibly infectious!

Previously I had a Saab convertible and loved it to bits but feeling the need to move to a better built, diesel, automatic car - I ended up buying a used EOS from a dealer on impulse (haven't actually seen it yet!).

So my Island Grey 2.0TDI DSG (I do a lot of miles otherwise it would have been the 3.2) Sport with the 18" Chicagos and black leather should be being prepared as we speak (valeted, glymed and cruise control installed). Anybody had the AutoGlym treatment here? Is it worth the £400?

Anyway - Thanks to the great advice on these boards I have a SMARTTOP ordered and the car goes to the ICE people on Saturday for a Zenec NC2010.

So glad to be joining this brilliant community :D

Woo Hoo!


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lol, sounds good. just did some research on the bluefin, i am interested now. Let me know how it works out as I thought about doing an APR tune. I also think I will need to order a Vag-Com from Ross-Tech in the near future for my HID mod.
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