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Polish vs Wax and which one?

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Seeing as though my bottle of Turtle Wax Platinum Series Wax is almost empty, I thought I'd ask. The results I have been getting with it have been excellent and if I had to name a downside, the only one would be that it's rather dusty when buffing.

I have also been reading up on the difference between Polish and Wax and in layman's terms it seems to be that wax stays on (coats) the surface and polish is absorbed into the surface and seals the paintwork somewhat. Then there are polymers which are also absorbed into the surface to some degree. The wax that I have been using has polymers in so I guess I am getting the best of both worlds.

My question for you guys (and gals) is what polish / wax do you use and what have your results been like? :)
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Just Waxed My Blue Beauty

Everyone is staring at my work of art. I used Mothers Clay Bar and Polish and Wax is all I can say. The clay bar removes all flaws such as water spots and such and the wax is the finishing touch. Took about two hours in all but the result is beyond showroom condition. Some people even came to touch my beauty...with my consent of course.

The clay bar is easy to use and does an amazing job...try it and you will love the results. :D
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