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pricey ex-demo eos

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Hi all,
bought an ex-demo eos 2.0T for the wife's birthday about a month ago now.
Couldn't wait for the 14 week delivery for a brand new one (summer will be over then). Looking thro' the vw website there was very little regional variation in prices, and we ended up buying one in pembrokeshire with the spec. we wanted, at a price more than we would have paid for a new one, because of the extras.
Several things I've noticed since coming over from an Audi A3 3.2. There is less go and traction obviously (the wife complains of the loss of 50 bhp and 4-wheel drive from the audi). There is certainly more road and wind noise with the optional 18" alloys. Economy is better at 30-35mpg compared with 25-29mpg in the audi. The eos also has cheaper insurance. The folding front seat mechanism is the same as in the audi 3 dr, the catch on the outer runner came adrift several times in the audi (worryingly the garage said it happens with wear and tear). The eos is wider, but there is certainly less room in the back. The older son (12yrs) complains because his knee is touching the front seat back. Overall the wife seems fairly happy. The only 2 problems have been the distinct lack of sunshine, and the non working passenger electric window switch. I wonder whether we can get some money back, because the roof is hardly folded down!
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If it's any consolation the weather has been fantastic here all weekend and I have sunburn!
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