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Just wanted to share this in case others find it helpful. I don’t know how, but every air vent knob/dial/tab was damaged on the 2014 EOS Executive that I purchased recently. I plan to post any unique repairs or modifications that I do. In this case, I took a chance on a company called Vent Tabs and it paid off, so I’m sharing the knowledge. It isn’t labeled to support my car specifically but they looked identical in the photos so I was glad they worked.

The “proper” replacement with OEM parts would require disassembly of the air vents to snap in a new two part vent tab. I’m not even sure you can get just the OEM vent tab any longer (the company that did doesn’t seem to exist any longer). If you can find them, you can still do that if you have the time, or replace the entire assembly I suppose, but the design of these replacement vent tabs allows you to just just snap them in from the front. So you can just remove the broken tabs and snap the new tabs in.

Removing the old tab was the hardest part. They’re just two parts that snap together (front knob and rear fin), so they pop right off with a thin tool and a little upward pressure. I lost a few bits of plastic and two of the rear fins that I’ll have to fish out at some point. In retrospect, it would have been better to use a strong vacuums while working and secure the rear fin with long needle nose pliers.

Snapping the new tabs in was super easy. Just snap them in the same location by rocking sideways a little with some pressure and make sure the fin points down and is lined up with the center rear vertical slot (the one with the cut out).

Damage 1
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Damage 2
Grille Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle

Pry off tab
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Grille Hood Automotive tire

Rear fin should also be removed
Grille Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood

Finished 1
Grille Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Car

Finished 2
Automotive lighting Grille Automotive design Car Motor vehicle


Product Name:
VentTabs / Volkswagen GTI, Rabbit MK5 , Jetta, 2005-2010 for AC Vent Repair

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(after promo discount and shipping)


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