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Happily, my 2012 Eos has never leaked, and I have krytoxed it twice so far. Once at about 6 months and again at about a year. However, there are a couple of situations which do allow for some drips...

1. When the car has been out in the rain, opening the door always allows several drops of water to fall from the roof's edge, straight down onto the seats. To minimize this, I set the locks to open only on one side. Also, I try to remember before opening the door, to lightly swipe my finger across the edge of the roof to remove the accumulated water droplets. It definitely helps reduce the amount of water falling onto the seats.

2. Another rain-related drip occurs when I am driving in the rain with the sunroof tilted up at the back. I like to use this position for ventilation in all weather conditions, but I have noticed that if I leave it open while it's raining, I start to see drops of water falling from between the windshield header and the side rails of the roof after driving for 15 minutes or so. I'm not sure why the roof drips in this situation and not when the car is stationary. I can only assume that the movement or pressure of air moving over the roof when it is not completely closed (or the extra water ingress in such a situation) is enough to overcome the drainage system. Has anyone else experienced this, or know what causes it? BTW when this has happened I immediately shut the sunroof and the dripping stopped.

3. I know car washes are not recommended, and I prefer to hand wash whenever possible, but there are times, especially in winter, when a car wash is my only option for removing road grime, salt, etc. so I try to use a brushless car wash nearby without high-pressure water jets, etc. However, I have noticed that the roof will drip from these same places--between the windshield header and the side rails of the roof--not during the wash itself, but when those points pass under the high-velocity air jets used to remove the bulk of the rinse water at the end of the wash. It's only a drop or two on either side, which will run down the inside of the side-window glass just below this spot, rather than dripping straight down onto the seats. I assume that once again, this is a case where the drainage system gets overwhelmed. Hopefully the force of the air is keeping the drainage tubes clear, but I do have a concern that this may be harmful in some way to the seals. Am I worried over nothing?

All-in-all I am very satisfied with the car's wet weather performance. I have driven it at highway and residential speeds in heavy downpours lasting for several hours, when I felt sure I would see a drip or other small leak, but there has never been so much as a drop. For a car with so many rubber seals, I think that's pretty impressive.
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