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Rasing or lowering the top when moving..Anyone try it?

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Looks like a great product. I wounder if you could open the roof if you just put in a switch to open the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) that would cost about a dollar in parts and do what annoys me the most- coming to a complete stop to raise or lower the roof. Anyone try this or the product below?
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I just slide the sunroof open when in motion..... thats it!!! For me, the fact that the trunk swings out to J-Lo proportions when you operate the roof is enough to qualify it as a road hazard!!!
That makes sense just opening to sun roof. ok maybe it's just the excitement to open and close the roof all the time is a sickness for now. putting it up while going slow is the useful thing if it starts raining. OK i'll just forget modifying it.

You guys are way to practical.. lol;)
if you want to keep the car for a while, i wouldn't do it.. the headafche out weigh the coolness factor.. and you will be surprised as to how quickly the coolness evaporates into dorkness when the roof jams with the traunk open and you are trying to pull over to the side with the components flopping around!!!

Plus the manual, you know, that paper thing... states to not operate the roof while the eos is on an incline or ineven surface... thats how delicate it is when its still... imagine while in Motion!!!

Plus whenever i see gadgets like that I just get images of these arrogant persian dudes that we have out here in LA trying to out gadget each other... Do you really want to be one of those guys?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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