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RCD 300 and mp3

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Anyone been able to read mp3 CDs with the RCD 300 ?

I've tried CD-R and CD-RW discs and it just comes up with a CD ERROR.

It plays CD-R audio CD discs fine.
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I get the impression that VW have reacted to the critcism over the MP3 compatibility and are rolling them out on all newer EOS. Unfortunately mine was built in October '06 so doesn't have the newer unit.

There appear to be quite a number appearing on ebay however, pressumably dealers whipping them out for post-delivery upgrades. I've just picked a new one up for £150, and will probably be able to get £50(ish) by selling my old unit when I get around to switching them over. So a net cost of £100. I'll be keeping the car for another 2 years or more I think it's worth the expense.
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