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Hi again

Please ignore the title... I add the wrong description. I have the DVD SatNav system.

I had the heating on the other day and after a short while I got the message:
"Satellite Navigation system cannot operate due to overheating" (or something to that effect).

Then today the whole system froze, Radio & Sat Nav and was stuck on one radio channel that I could change. Even turning the car off and locking etc, the radio stayed on. Nothing I did could turn it off so had to get Roadside to come out ... Now have to book it in for repairs.

Anybody encountered anything similar?
Is this a design fault? Seems like I can't have the heating on and use my SatNav! :(

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Probably just a bad radio. Some brands of units have internal fans for cooling. Maybe that's a cause but can't say for sure as I don't know how yours is designed. Definitely an issue for your dealer.
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