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reading matter

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Anyone out there like me who has to have a book in the car just in case we're completely stuck in traffic with nowhere to go for hours (well, this IS M25 country:mad: ). What book?
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Only book I have in there is the manual! :D

Although in the 4x4 we carry a mac in case it rains, never thought to take anything else like a book! Hmmm Gary takes with him his road atlas in his Polo too but that might be really boring reading.

We tend to play Eddie and that keeps us amused for hours. Sad fact is that we log the names of the Stobart lorries that come our way. Always great fun if you are alone..... :rolleyes:

I'm such a geek! :p
We keep a blanket in each car - to cover my head in a thunderstorm (husband driving of course!!!!) - I'm terrified of thunderstorms. :)
I've got the first season of "The Outer Limits" (forunner to the Twilight Zone) on DVD - but rarely get stuck anywhere so badly that I would watch it on the road - it is good to watch if you pull over for lunch though.
I have to admit I have been at a standstill on a road only twice - 5 hours on the M25 and 1 hour on the way to work once. First time the children were young so we read something like Winnie the Pooh! It's just occurred to me what a problem it would be if we were stuck like that in the Eos, roof down and car behind too near to close the roof and it rained. Sorry - I'll get on with my day and think about more sensible things now!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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