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Real Winter Experiences?

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Anyone have any real winter experiences with the VW EOS? (especially in Ottawa)

I hear comments about buying winter tires but no real comments about how EOS does in the snow.

With winter coming in, I'm on the fence on what to do. We just picked up a Jetta as our second vehicle so we do have a fall-back but two drivers with one car isn't a good fit.

Did anyone have their EOS out in any of the winter storms last year?
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I do recall there was once a thread entitled something like "Eos is rubbish in snow" a couple of years ago!

If you search through you should be able to find it.

I know a good shrink (psychiatrist that is!)

Just did some real winter driving, yesterday covered 700km in temperatures ranging from -21 C to -34 C. Even after sitting couple of hours at -34 C then 2.0 FSI started without a problem and everething in the car worked like a dream. However some frost formed inside the glass roof and had to keep the blind drawn to cover it as the cold really radiates through to the cabin if the glass roof is exposed.

Doors worked fine, glasses dropped without problems etc. Had the car parked in -34 C and did some short distances. No problems what so ever. Car heated up quickly when drove a longer trip.

You didn't say if you had the roof down?!!!

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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