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rear fog light

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I need rear fog light into my Eos. I'm going to export my car into Scandinavia and law there req. rear fog light.
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rear lights- problem

I opened trunk, try to find out "small" door to see which kind of bulbs I have there. But there is no any door or etc., even the manual shows that there should be. Just cover all with nice textil.
I just try to see how to install rear fog light into my car.
EOS rear fog light

few things...
I can get this kit, which I just have to install to have rear fog light.
my vw dealer don't wanna do that.
also in my hatch, there is no any small door to work with bulbs, just cover with textil all over. anybody else has a same "problem" ?
WAG tool

I can get that Kit, yes. But it's need also WAG tool to update elec.
Does anybody know is there any shop which have that WAG tool ?
My location is 150 miles west from Chicago.
Vw Eos

Now as it's coming more and more actual, need do something.

So I need some elec. shop/person who can do that rear fog light installation.
Does anybody knows is there any place close to Chicago which can do that ?
I live 2 hr west from Chicago, but travelling is not the problem since I get light into my car.
yes, rear foglight is brighter than normal one. and you can only use them when it's foggy or bad weather.
and in europe, you have to had those in your car, it's law.
just one, normally in left side.
Correct, just one small error, its on the right in a UK car if there is only one.
+ also in Cyprus. But as I said "normally" :)
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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