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rejecting a new Eos, is it possible?

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gavster certainly has produced an extensive list to check the Eos when it is first bought!!!! In fact i wonder how long checking that list takes in total????

However what are the rights to reject the car if the car is say foul of certain points?

ie not metallic paint or other factors. what are your legal rights and in what circumstances can they be actioned.

As far as i know and correct me if im wrong if you leave forecourt you have agreed it is of sound quality and fit for purpose or am i wrong.....?????
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Warning: This is based on UK lawand anyone considering it should take advice.

If it is the wrong colour / spec you don't reject it. You don't accept it in the first place.

Rejection comes in if you take the car and go back later with issues. It would be difficult to reject a car based on wrong colour if you had not raised it at the time of delivery.

You have to give the dealer reasonable chance to fix the faults and if he cannot you can reject the car, it also needs to happen within a reasonable time of taking delivery (reasonable means the courts make the final decision)

Other wise all covered by Sale of Goods (& Services) Act - Google it.
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