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Hi there

I purchased my car from the 2008 model spec but when it arrived it was a 2009 model, which on the whole is a good thing.

But I notice that on the 2009 model has DAB radio as an option on the RCD 310, while this was not an option on the old RCD 300 radio.

Does anyone know if it is possible to retrofit the DAB option to the RCD 310?



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Not been able to get a sensible answer from VW on this one.

The antennas and amplifier are fitted to the boot lid - these seem to have changed on 09 models onwards to accomodate the DAB frequencies (not been confirmed).
The RCD310 with DAB is rare to say the least - have tried to find one.

When I got my '07 removed the existing head unit and retrofitted a DAB unit, as previous car had DAB. The biggest issue is the extra antenna - mine went on the windscreen, though reception is impaired. Have not had time to mod the amp in the boot lid.
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