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Richmond, Virginia. Meet Planned for 11/7/09

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Save the date.....trying to plan a get together for Sat Nov 7.
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Richmond, Virginia - Nov 7, 2009 - Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Save the date.....trying to plan a get together for Sat Nov 7.
This Fall has left me quite busy and I've not had a lot of time to plan an activity. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens is a beautiful venue to meet. On Saturday, Nov 7 at 9am until 5pm they have a holiday shoppers fair. One can access the fair at no cost. There is a separate admission fee into the Gardens, but it is well worth it.

I'd like to meet at Lewis Ginter at 9am on Saturday, Nov 7th, partake of the fair, stroll the gardens, have lunch and then do whatever we want.

I hope we'll have a number of attendees.
Just over a week away from this event and I thought I'd see if there is any interest afterall.......
I wish I could come along! :(
Well, with no posted interest in this and a lot going on at work, I'll take the opportunity to cancel this event. I'm sure I'll have a million leaves to rake up at home instead. I'd like to plan something for late March or early April instead. If we as a family decide to go to the crafter's fair, we'll probably take my wife's Odyssey. The kids like the roominess and the drop down DVD player for the drive.
It is always disappointing when you organise an event and no-one shows any interest - at least you had a go.

Good luck with your spring event and hope this will be successful.
I would have loved to go but the distance is a bit far for me, especially with school right now. But at least you made an attempt to organize
:( Sorry to hear that. Take some photos of your Eos in the leaves and have your own event!
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