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Roof maintenance article

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Hi guys,

I asked upon picking up my new Eos just over a week ago about roof maintenance/lubrication after reading a few articles and threads on this forum. The garage weren't aware of krytox or the like and said nothing need be done. Having a quick browse today i saw the article below on What Car:-

In addition to reassuring owners that the roof mechanism IS covered within the 3 year warranty I was interested to read the following quote:-

Keep roof lubricated
VW has also advised that all Eos owners should receive a roof lubrication pack when taking delivery of their new car.

'It is necessary for customers to clean and lubricate the seals on their Eos at least twice a year,' said the spokesman. 'This is because the rubber seals can become dry and contaminated by natural road dirt.

'If the seals become dry, the roof can become noisy while driving.'

Alternatively a retailer can lubricate the seals for you, but this is likely to incur a charge.

Has anyone received such a pack or asked for one? What response did you get? I'm thinking of printing this article and calling in to my dealer.
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Not yet got one but went for a test drive today and the salesman specifically mentioned the need to lubricate the seals and that a pack was supplied with all new cars.

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