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Roof ok to drop when wet?

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How does this work????
I was paranoid about drying off my Z4 cloth top roof if I left it in the driveway overnight & it rained...before it folded into the boot\trunk Id give it a bit of a dry down...
but does this matter on the Eos hard top if its wet?
Does anyone do this? Is it recommended? Or, does it plain not matter if its wet & folded into the boot\trunk?

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My dealer sales rep lowered the top on an Eos I test drove when it was all wet without drying it off first and it got the floor of the trunk all wet. If you have anything in the trunk it will probally get wet if you lower the top without drying it first. Also the trunk may start having mold issues or odors if gets wet and does not get a chance to quickly dry out after getting wet.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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