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Roof operation quirk ???

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I have something strange going on with the roof :eek:

If I hold the button to close the roof, and keep it held after closing and the "bong" is heard, and the "roof closed" text displayed, all 4 windows will then close ( they're supposed to ),
but then sometimes - not every time - the drivers window will open again and stop about a third of the way down :(

Has anyone else had this happen, or have any ideas why it would do this ( sometimes ). I thought it might be due to the window sticking, but it only ever does this after the roof closing procedure, the window has never re-opened after closing it in normal use. ( Or is it just me ? )

Been to the dealer once with it an it was a "No fault found" report from them,
although they haven't ( yet ) witnessed this happening. :rolleyes:

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Roof operation quirk

Hi Coconut

I am sure one of the techies will pick up this thread but I wonder if it is anything to do with the "fail safe" mechanism on the electric window. Under normal operation it is my understadning the electric windows have this safe mode to stop your kids getting their heads trapped in a closing window, I wonder if the closure of your roof is in someway affecting this device

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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