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Roof Power Drain...

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I am forever getting requests to demonstrate the roof (surprise surprise)

I don't like to keep starting the engine as it isn't so good for it if I am just going to let it idle...

Hoe many times do you think I could do an open and close cycle and still be able to start the engine after!!
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In the training docs for the car, I recall it mentioning about 5 times.... Not sure if this is full cycles or just opens/closes....

I realise that I just answered my own question, but I think others might be interested!
Agreed... That's what I always do, but sometimes it's nice to know the theory! ;)
100% agree... Although I feel sorry for the person who's gonna buy an ex-demo which has been started about 100 times for 1 min each time!! ;)
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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