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Roof stuck in closing cycle

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Hello, I am a newbie in both owning an Eos and posting. I bought a 2009 EOS in February. It has 109000 kms and is in excellent shape except the rear window tinting was all bubbled. I took it to get it retinted.

The tinter opened the roof half way so he could get to the rear window. While he was taking off the old tint when the roof started closing on his own. He panicked and got in the car and started pushing buttons and turned the car off. It stuck with the rear window stuck open 3 inches from closing. The trunk is locked and the windows are stuck down. When you pull the button it displays the following message.

System fault. Serviceshop!, I may have paraphrased a little.

No luck by my mechanic who has some experience.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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This will not use any feedback from the sensors though, so it could be dangerous if you don't know what your doing.
I don't think I would recommend anybody new goes and buys diagnostics software then goes straight to a workshop procedure for 'guided fault finding' only to trash their car and I'm not scaremongering! If the OP has any doubts they should let a dealer sort it out.

VCDS diagnostics will not automatically 'clear' roof fault codes when the roof gets out of sync but it will tell you more about the problem. The dash now puts up roof fault error warnings and won't operate the roof because the the system is protecting itself from serious and expensive roof damage.

ANY intervention must be done very carefully. Aku has suggested using eyes and hands first, which is the best way to start. Nothing has to be 'cleared' because at the moment the roof segments and locks are out of sync and the the roof system will keep flagging the same error at every key on. Once the roof segments are carefully returned to a fully closed roof position, key on will allow the roof to operate normally on the switch.
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