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Roof/Windows Interlock?

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I've just bought a one year old Eos TDCi.
I'm very pleased with the car, apart from one oddity.
Closing the roof with the centre control switch leaves the windows down.
All four windows have to be put back up with the door controls before the centre console switch will close the roof......despite the mechanism taking them back down again as its first action!!
Is this normal? All advice gratefully received.
PS apologies if this has been discussed before, I'm new to the forum!
I couldn't see the answer in a quick look around.
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Open/Close action


I had a similar thing, in my case sometimes three of the windows closed, and sometimes also, the sunroof would not. Because it was intermittent it went back to the garage twice and still was not fixed. However, I then did not need to drive for a while and I suggested they keep it for a few days and sort it out. This they did (my local dealer is in Haywards Heath in Sussex and they are really good, and polite), and it turned out to be the MPU (which I take to be the computer control device). It was done under warranty, they apologized for taking a few days and gave me a bottle of bubbly when they delivered it, which was not necessary but was very appreciated...

So, this might be the same thing. There are several sensors in the mechanism (I believe 10 or 11), and if there is something amiss with one of them this would have the same effect.


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