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I have noticed that during the roof opening process, the tailgate clonks like it is caught on something as it tries to come up... This comes from the UK passenger side (left side looking from back)...

I am sure this is just a weirdness in the design of the hydraulic catches, but has anyone else noticed this? It's no big deal, it's just odd that it looks/sounds like it's being forced up!

Also, when it comes back down, the other side falls into place and this side seems like it is being forced back into place!

If I could work out how to do a video, I would, but in the mean time, you will have to just put up with my description!

Any feedback would be welcomed!
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Simon, Think this a common feature mine makes the same expressions of disgust on opening the boot. The bit that concerned me more at the beginning was the thud when the roof was lowered into the boot. That seems to be normal as well.
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