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Samarkand Alloys...

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... are now available on new Eos Sport as an option in th UK. I was thinking about ordering a set from my local dealer to put on my 07 Eos but the dealer is giving me a load of shpiel not being listed for my year an are 18" not 17" etc. Any i'm pretty sure it would work but just wanted to confirm if anyone here has Samarkand, and what the wheel dimentions are? I would have thought they would be the same as Chicagos which I could have ordered for mine anyway.

Better to be safe that dorry though as non returnable.
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I have them already

Hi, I have had my Sammies since I purchased the blue beauty in Feb. 2007. They are indeed 18 inches and look sooooo hot. :cool: I can tell if others with an Eos have 17 or 18 inch wheels...there really is a difference. Get them if you can. Johnny in Upper Kits, Vancouver, BC . Home of the 2010 Olympics.:D
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