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Sat Nav Mount

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for those of us that don't have the built in version;)

The windscreen on the Eos is quite deep and I think I would prefer to mount my Tomtom somewhere else - I have tried the pads you stick on the dash - crap :( Tried a grill mount today but it aimed my sat nav at the sky :(
anyone out there using a none windscreen mount ?
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I use the Nav Mat from Halfords. Its a weighted donut shape with a smooth circle in the middle that you put the mount onto. Its useful when you get out of the car as you can just slide it under the seat and out of sight.

I've just checked their web site and its half price at £9.78. Bargain have a look here
The current one in Halfords looks slightly different to the one we bought. There is one going on eBay here that is the same as ours. I'm sure the Halfords one is just as good.
Except thieves now look out for tell-tale signs that there's something in the car they can nick, e.g. Nav Mats on the dash...
I meant I put the Nav Mat under the seat and the SatNav locked in the glove box.

Some little toad will still smash the window just to grab anything, even a couple of quid in the coin tray.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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