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Sat Nav Mount

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for those of us that don't have the built in version;)

The windscreen on the Eos is quite deep and I think I would prefer to mount my Tomtom somewhere else - I have tried the pads you stick on the dash - crap :( Tried a grill mount today but it aimed my sat nav at the sky :(
anyone out there using a none windscreen mount ?
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I'm using a mount from Works great. Check it out. However, if you park frequently in a "smash and grab" area, the best solution would probably be a weighed beanbag.

I also have one of those that I use for rental cars.

About the only advantage I can see with a built-in unit is that it is more secure.

The advantages of a portable are numerous. 1/4 or less of the cost of a built-in unit. It can be used on every car you drive. Most if not all of them allow inputs during driving. While it may or may not be safe for the driver to do this, certainly it is for the co-pilot. All the built-in units I've see have a "lock-out" while the car is in motion. I'm sure this is a lawyer thing.

Also, very easy to update a portable and not so easy to update a built-in.

We have one built-in unit in a Prius and we will never get another one for the reasons above.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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