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Here is an interesting story and I welcome your feedback

My Eos has just had its 15000km service with no dramas. Then last week, two weeks after the service, I began to experience a vibration through the car between 30-40 kmh but disappears as the speed increases. It turns out that the set of Pirellis that are on the car have scalloped to the point where they are creating the vibration. This was diagnosed by the dealer here, Solitaire Motors, who have advised me that the tyres should have been rotated at 7500kms. There is no mention of this in the owners manual and a sticker which they said should have been on the vehicle on initial purchase highlighting this to be done was not placed on the vehicle. This was not picked up by the pre delivery check.

Solitaires can not explain why this was missed.

Solitaires then told me this was common and that the wheels were rotated at the 15000km service and that the scalloping was due to the geometry of the Eos's suspension whereby scalloping occurs on the rear wheels. So the rear wheels have moved to the front and the front to the rear, therefore this is why I now have a noise and vibration.

But there is no mention of rotating tyres at the 15000km service on the service schedule and according to the documentation was not performed.

On realising this, Solitaire has came back to me stating that they did not rotate the wheels because the scalloping was quite severe and the noise would be a lot worse that it is if they had rotated the tyres.

There is no mention of this on the service record sheet by the mechanic/technician who performed the work.

Why has the scalloping got to this point I ask you? To my thinking they neglected to highlight the fact that it is necessary at the 7500km mark..............and if its so important why isnt it on the service schedule for 15000km.

Anyway the war of words is continuing and Solitaire initially tried to walk away and not get there hands dirty. The only thing they have offered to do after much "chit-chat" is to pay half the cost of some new Pirellis and a free wheel alignment and have kindly given me Volkswagen Australia's phone number if I don't like the offer and wish to pursue the matter further.

Am I unreasonable to be asking for a new set of tyres and wheel alignment?

This is my second Vw purchase.............good product but no so sure about our local service centre............Solitaire Motors.

What are peoples thoughts?

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Interesting problem here and one which will have vested interests "ducking for cover" when an owner requests help. My personal opinion is that tyres should be rotated only if the wear is irregular or uneven AND the underlying problem has been fixed beforehand.

Scalloped wear patterns are invariably caused by under-inflation, worn or mis-aligned suspension components, loose/damaged wheel bearings, out-of-balance tyres and/or wheels and worn/faulty shock absorbers. The real problem is not cured by rotating the tyres; all this does is ensure the problem is covered up until it is time to replace the tyres. Another cause can be tread separation due to potholes or impact damage from debris on the road - my experience has been that modern low-profile tyres are more susceptible to tread [and sidewall] separation than the older 70 profile tyres. It is also relevant to note that some brands of tyres are more prone to balancing problems than others - just ask an independent tyre service balancing expert to find out which brands to avoid

A basic summary of tyre wear factors may be found in the following publication:
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