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Hi people,

My better half bought a lovely EOS 2.0 last month and we've been enjoying the car (if not the fuel consumption in the city) however this morning we got a nasty surprise.

My girlfriend starts work at 4 in the morning, so she went down to the car at quarter to 4 today and found that the driver's seat was pushed back, the CDs all over, the A-Z on the floor and the internal light on.
Basically someone had been in it without any fuss and even locked it behind them. There was nothing to steal, but that's not really the point and obviously my girl is shaken up about this.

This is street parking in West London by the way, albeit just outside our flat.

Anyone else had any experience of this? Any suggestions about a) how it happened and b) how we can stop it happening again?

Obviously any comments would be gratefully received.
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Basically someone had been in it without any fuss and even locked it behind them

Hi Marlon

I do feel for you, I once had a car actually stolen from one of the service areas on the M6, was on my way to drop my children off at the Nan's for the week, and we had just stopped for a toilet break, as you do for kids every couple of miles or so. Nothing was on show everything stowed away in the boot.

The car was recovered (another story, it was located) by the police (they do not recover, that is up to you) with no damage, less of course the contents in the boot, but the car never felt the same it was an intrusion to my privacy, we sold it not many weeks afterwards.

Regarding the getting in rumaging round and re locking the car, not I hasten to add with my Eos, but when I had a VW group stablemate I was opening my car with the remote in a public car park once and a VW group car parked next to me opened as well.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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