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I had my 15K service this week on my Eos through the local dealer here in Adelaide, Solitaire Motors,whereby they provided the service schedule to me on pick up. One of the items that is supposed to be checked/performed is the Vehicle System Test.

"Vehicle System Test. - interrogate memories with VAS 505X and attach printout to jobcard".

By all accounts this was not done yet is highlighted on the service schedule to be done. Does anyone have any knowledge at to what data this test produces and how crucial over time is the information provided to optimise the general running of the vehicle in the long run.

Also does the Eos have a water collector on the fuel filter? This is common with diesel engines and again the draining of this was not done as per the schedule.

Very disappointing and Most frustrating !

Can other owners of 'Eosses' in Adelaide point me towards any any other authorised service centres here in Adelaide other than Solitaire and Duttons (too far away)?

Thanks in advance.

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I found this thread on the VWVortex site that explains a bit about the VAS 505x:

My EOS had its 15K service last October at Solitaire.
According to the service schedule, everything that was due to be checked at 15K was, with the exception of "Check haldex for leaks, damage and firm mounting - if fitted" - don't know what a haldex is but I assume it is not fitted.
Both "Vehicle system test - Interrogate memories with VAS 505X and attach printout to jobcard" and "Diesel engine - Drain fuel filter of any excess water" have been ticked as OK.

I haven't had any issues with the 3 services performed at Solitaire; maybe you should contact their service manager for some explanation.
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