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Ordering some a set of new wheels in the next week or so, so I thought I'd guage interest on this site before flogging on Fleabay.

The tyres are the original Continentals and all 4 have lots of tread as i've only done 4000k in the car since new and replaced the fronts only 1500k ago due to a puncture in the wall of one tyre so I got a pair. I'll even chuck in the original good front that I kept for a spare.

Three of the wheels are immaculate with NO marks at all. One has a tiny mark right on the rim next to the tyre which barely notices, especially with the black residue that builds up there from the tyres.

As for price, mmmmm, not too sure, gonna find out how much they are new from the dealer, but in the meantime feel free to make me any offers you think are sensible.
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