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Shes Here!!!!!

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Got the call this evening from the dealer SHE IS HERE. I am now worse than a kid on Christmas eve, how am I going to wait a month before picking her up, especially now the sun has decided to make an appearence. Have spoken to the dealer about putting a current reg plate on, but he is really against the idea, says it will take 2 weeks to turn the car around (cant for the life of me understand that one) by which point it will only be another 2 weeks until the new registration, yeah I know all very sensible and maybe logical if its not your Eos sat there waiting. :)
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He is telling me that it will take 2 weeks to turn the car around, it doesnt seem right to me, as I have read lots of forum members who have waited a few days for this to happen. He is really really keen for me to hold off for the new reg saying that I will regret taking the car early in the long run.
Im really in a lather over it now, I knew that it would sit in the dealership for a few weeks, but now its actually there Im not so sure plan a was such a good idea.

btw, schoolhousefred is very quiet, hope hes ok!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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