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Shes Here!!!!!

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Got the call this evening from the dealer SHE IS HERE. I am now worse than a kid on Christmas eve, how am I going to wait a month before picking her up, especially now the sun has decided to make an appearence. Have spoken to the dealer about putting a current reg plate on, but he is really against the idea, says it will take 2 weeks to turn the car around (cant for the life of me understand that one) by which point it will only be another 2 weeks until the new registration, yeah I know all very sensible and maybe logical if its not your Eos sat there waiting. :)
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My dealer told me if i take the private reg off my current car and put it on retention, then i can just take the retention document to them beforhand and in the 1st sept, rather than registering it with a new number issued by DVLA they can just use my private reg. Apparently they do the registration process on line so i assume there must be a way of attaching a private plate at the time so it goes straight on the V5. Sounds a bit ominus to me. As all cars with private plates still have their original number in the background on file then the car would still have to be issued with this new random plate number first i would say.
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