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Can anyone advise if they have experienced this or am I going loopy in my old age and looking for problems which do not exist.

I own a MY2009 common rail TDI, as an "old style" of driver I often use the engine to slow me down initially when coming to a stop junctions etc, ie I just lift my foot off the accelerator, I do not coast as I do not de clutch.

Very occasionally, I mean very occasionally the car does not slow, in fact the impression is best described as one of the accelerator haveing stuck, it only actually slows when I brake and disengage the cluth, but it could not be the accelerator sticking as when I do this you would hear the engine racing.

It is so occasionally I cannot say under what conditions this is happening, ie wet, dry, down hill etc but it is obviously in slower speed as it is when I am slowing down.

Is it just that this new engine has so much bottom end torque that as the vheicle mass is in motion even with the foot off the accelerator the torgue is enough to keep the motion going.

I also note that if I have me headlights on main, when I switch back to side lights they take 5 or 10 seconds to action

Regards Derek
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