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SmartTop Controller questions

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These sound almost too good to be true. Is the gadget reliable and fairly straightforward to fit?
Where do you get them and what sort of price?

... any information would be very gratefully received!
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I installed the SmartTop Eos module purchased directly from mod4cars on my 2007 Eos 2.0T and am very satisfied. They shipped promptly and the installation documentation was good. You can preview it on their web site.

The SmartTop module implements its special features by sending the same commands across the Computer Automated Network Bus (CAN-BUS) that the factory power window buttons, the sunroof button, and the top button do but give the vehicle owner more latitude on how these buttons work.

They also insert themselves in-line between the CAN-BUS and the factory top module so they can "fool" the factory module into doing some cool things that VW does not allow out like operating the top from the remote control key fob, operating the top while the key is out, and operating the top while the car is moving.

They also have done these same things for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and many other types of cars that also use the CAN-BUS, they sell similar modules for many types of luxury cars.

They add functionality by bypassing some of the lockouts that the VW factory CAN-BUS control buttons normally have:

- they bypass the lockout that prevents one touch windows up command
- they bypass the lockout that prevents one touch sunroof up/down command
- they bypass the lockout that prevents one touch top up/down
- they bypass the lockout that prevents top operation while car is moving

- their module also "listens" on the CAN-BUS for signals generated by the key fob transmitter and interpets the owner holding down the lock and unlock buttons for long periods as special commands - you can read the details on the mod4cars site. These include:

- key fob operation of windows
- key fob operation of sunroof
- key fob operaton of top

When I installed the module they only had the basic product without the harness adapter option that was fairly involved to install and involved pulling some pins out of factory connectors, putting wires from the module in their place, and then moving the factory wires to new connectors provided with the product that plugged into other module connectors. I also had to crimp a power tap onto a factory wiring harness B+ wire. I understand the current version has an wiring harness adapter option that eliminates this hassle. It will also make it much faster to revert to factory trim. I would have to put the pins back in the original factory connectors to revert to factory trim. There is also a nicked wire that will be detectable if I revert to factory trim.

I recommend getting the adapter option it will be well worth it if you ever have to pull the module back out and go back to factory trim before taking your Eos to a dealer.

Be sure to get the right version for your Eos - it seems that VW changes some of the CAN-BUS signal codes between 2007 and 2008 model years some people with 2008s that got the Eos module from mod4cars had minor issues with some of the smart features like one touch window controls that I understand have all been resolved. I asume they now have two firmware versions depending on the model year.

There are several threads on this site about the risk reward of this product.

VW owners manual warns that they may deny a warranty claim on the top if they think the owner operated the top while the car was in motion due to an owner modification. The module is user configurable to set a maximum speed for top operation including setting it so that top will not operate unless the car is stopped, to minimize the risk of problems that could be caused by operating the top while the car is moving. The top was NOT designed to handle the stresses that would be caused if operating with the car moving and such as one of the wheels hitting a hole put a twist on the top. It is not designed to take twisting force except when fully up or fully down!

Personally I never operate my top while moving except in places where I know the road is perfectly smooth like parking garages I have been in before and my driveway.

Personally I have mine set to the 10 km/hr ( 7 mi/pr ) maximum speed for top operation setting. Have had no problems with the top but have been VERY careful not to operate the top except on perfectly smooth surfaces while car is in motion.
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