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A question for everyone with a SmartTop (but particularly Simon):

"Realtime" seems to be the safest setting, but the instructions say that using this registers a noncritical message in the diagnostics memory.:confused:

Does that mean the when I take her in to the dealer and they plug her into the machine that goes "ping", they will know I've been naughty?:eek:

What settings are every one else using?

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Personally I would recommend PDC set to RealTime...

I haven't heard of any messages being left in the diagnostic memory... I have had services and no one has mentioned anything to me... I will ask next time I take it in, as I the engineer I deal with knows about the module anyway!

Sometimes CAN signals may seem to do a certain task in testing, but then something tells them otherwise due to a switch position or some other variable. This is why they have the RealTime and Last reading settings...

From what I gather, the RealTime has not been proved to have been unreliable in anyway and works for me everytime! That is why I would recommend that setting...

Hope that helps!

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