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Solitudes are getting lonely

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The wheels need a bit of TLC now that I've clocked up a couple of hundred miles. I knew the Solitudes would be tricky as there's not much room to get in between the spokes. And they've been Permaguarded so any water just runs off.

Any tips on what to use to wipe away the road grime and brake dust? Do I use the Wheel Cleaner in the Permaguard maintenance kit? Has anyone come across a suitable implement to reach into the narrrowest gaps near the hub?

So many questions...

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I think you should use the wheel cleaner... To get into the tight bits, you can use Cotton Buts (Q-Tips)... You will get through quite a few of them though, or they will fall apart and leave cotton lint on your wheels! (although that will easily wash off)...

I am getting my Permagard this week, so will have more info after that...

Are you pleased with the permagard? How do you now clean the car and get rid of water drip marks?? I use ICE Synthetic Detailer, but I guess I shouldn't once the permagard is done!
Sounds cool! Looking forward to it!!

I know it is a bit of a trek, but hope you can come to the Meet in Watford at 11am on the 27th October... Just 2 weeks away!!! :)

That is the site for the product.. It's like the Supagard system but apparently better... I am having it done later in the week insode and outside, so will let you know!! ;)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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