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some help - pre-buyer ! :)

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(see my intro in the intro section)

Am looking initially at the EOS, my first "large" expense car,

I have some (what may seem like silly questions so please bear with this noob) ;)

1> Pre-certified (2yr) pre used cars, is it worth it?
two of the sitpulations regard, service and modification

now, does this mean that the car "must" be fully -serviced by and authorised VW dealer (stealer) every xxx kms, (I do a lot of my own work)
I'm used to modding cars, not sure what I'll do with this, but apart from serious (wild mods) if I change the rims, stereo, seats , etc, is this ok?

2> Modding (stereo)

is there an aftermarket stereo unit or facia plate available for my own one
in car hifi is more serious for me, so adding speakers, amps, etc is this a nono, when it comes to the warntee, regardless, how possible is this?

3> Buy back, what is concensus, on selling/trading the car in after a few years? I'm buying this mainly because of the good MPG (2.0) block (next few years I'm hoping for a change in finacial situation)

as an example, my choices are - in order

2 BMW series 1 cab 128
3 Porsche 996 (1998-2005)
4 BMW M3 cab
5 Porsche Boxter (not really allowed as its 2 SEATER)

4> If I'm really serious about the modding thing, am I better off instead of getting an EOS from a dealer with the warantee etc for (prices around 25k)
to getting something from an ordinary seller, or ordinary dealer for around 4k less, and saving that money for rainy day bills?


and thanks for bearing with me

Am out to see an EOS tommorow afternoon, not actually seen or driven one in the flesh

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I just went through the purchase process here in Canada. I was very close to buying a 2007 with the 2 year warranty. I got a very good deal on my new 2011.... so went with new.. four year warranty etc. I don't represent VW obviously. so much(all) of what I'm saying is personal opinion:

1. Get the Warranty! The EOS (and the others on your list) are expensive vehicles to repair. Price a power steering pump on all your selections. It is a faily mundane piece that no one ever thinks about. A person in our town has a Mini (BMW).... $2800 for a new pump... ouch! The EOS has many extra moving parts and sensors .. I would hate to be on a budget and get tagged for a repair & loss of use of the vehicle. I guess my final comment on warranty.. IF this is your primary vehicle..... and you can't afford to be without a vehicle...the warranty is cheap insurance.

My understanding is that VW charges $1000 for "Normal" VW's & $1300 for the EOS (And maybe the Toureg) for the certification process. Basically except for minor scuffs and an acceptance of good (if not new) tires. VW checks and fixes about 150 points on the vehicle. I see EOS (What is the plural of EOS???) at other non-VW dealers and chringe at the purchaser's possible experience out of warranty. Also VW Certification comes with some fantastic interest rate financing... I'd waste some time talking to a business manager on all the specifics.. It is a very good program.

2. As far as Mods go.. I would keep those to a bare minimum. I have no personal experience. But as far as Wheels & Tires go if you keep the sizes within spec... not much they can do. We all buy winter tires & rims here in Canada. I've never heard of a Mod like that causing a warranty issue. BUT if you're talking going to a 22 inch rim or lowering the suspension... I can't see VW backing any of the related parts. So a huge Mod to a wheel size or suspension item.. could in theory effect the drivetrain warranty (Not Good). Others on here have discussed radio upgrades... there are two ways to approach this... You can get a DIN template on ebay.. get adapters for the electrics and have whatever stereo you fancy.. Again.. VW won't honour warranties related to the stereo or speakers (IMHO). If you cut into the exisitng electrics and fashion your own connections.. you may remove yourself from any warranty on any electric parts. I am a firefighter and have seen many jury-rigged installs the cause of vehicle fires. The second way to go is to buy an upgraded VW unit.. many are available (new & used) and have many advanced features. (DVD NAV etc). If I ever upgrade - that will be my route. There is a ton of information on here from the model years that apply to each type of unit (not all are compatable - ie installing a 2007 premium on a 2012 - or vice versa - probably won't work). There's also a lot of discussion around Chinese units that appear to be plug & play like OEM... you can post a specific warranty type question on that part of the forum. It was active within the past 30 days. An important thing to remember with EOS is that it uses a Diversity Antenna installed just under the firbeglass trunk. Some aftermarket units may not be compatable . I would really read & research some of the nuances of upgrading the sound system in your vehicle choices.

3 As far as service goes... I would recommend the dealer. They were very upfront with me that services are expensive ($100 range) but feature 15000km between changes and Castrol Syntec oil here in Canada. I figure for me that will be twice a year, maybe less. I actually like the experience of knowing a VW tech has routed around looking for some warranty type work while the vehicle is in for service. (Dealers make $$$ from warranty work). It's probably all in my head.. but our local VW dealer always presents the car to me fully washed and looking new... and I feel better driving away. If you do your own work.. I believe the VW requirement is it be documented with receipts in the book in your dash. You are giving up on a tech finding a problem early and having/using the specific VAG-Com tools, and if something were to happen just outside of warranty.. I've always felt the dealer was in your corner more if the services took place at their shop. There's also the wealth on casual intel that you can learn about your car.. chatting with the service techs.. This site is largely based on the sharing of that data. As far as residual value in a used market, EOS has kept 66% of value from new in it's first four years. Convertibles in general do quite well in this regard. BUT remember when you go to trade.. your purchaser will have no warranty option.. and this will lower the value somewhat more. Dealer records make used vehicles a little bit more attractive to potential purchasers

You are looking at buying what was/is a $40,000 vehicle. It has many more moving parts than an average car, and parts etc are made and distributed internationally and can be expensive. I have seen many Modded EOS on-line.. but they appear to be secondary fun vehicles and Mods were carried out by people who appear to have a lot of discretionary income. If this is you.. Mod away.. If not, and you need this as a daily driver (this describes me) Keep mods limited and the service at the dealer.

Regardless - I can state that the EOS has been my favorite new car purchase in 30 years, (about 10 vehicles), I hope you can purchase and enjoy one too! Good Luck!
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