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Someone's Dinged my EOS !!!! Sympathy Please

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Last night I discovered a ding (dent) right next to the drivers door. Dont know where it happened?

How annoyed I was, only had it 4 months, I avoid parking to close to people in car parks too.

Some people just dont give a [email protected]*! when they open their doors and the damage that could cause to other people's cars.

Would anyone recommend a good UK company to get it knocked out, the poor girl looks ill.

I would'nt mind as much if it was 2-3 years later.....that's people in London for you "avoid parking in London fellow EOS drivers!!!!!!"

Sympathy much appreciated
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Sorry to hear that! Same thing happened to my spotless Prius a couple of months ago in a car park... I also try to park as far away from other cars as i can!!!

The guy for you is "Marc The Dent Man!!!"..

He can bend out a ding (as long as the paint isn't damaged!!)

He knocked out some really deep ones on the bonnet of my Prius once and you can't see them.. A brick must have fallen on it or something...

If the paint is damaged, get him to do the dent and then Chips Away to do the paintwork after!!

Hope that helps fellow Londoner!
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