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I have learned that to keep property taxes low some states have really increased their fines for speeding. I didn't learn by being stoppd but be warned.

Virginia $3550 max.

Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Carolina. $1000 max.

Oregon $600

Indiana, Kansas, Maryland and Missouri

$500 max.

Good luck.

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While that may be true, those fines don't generally affect property taxes here. Property taxes here are set by the local municipalities. Politically, raising property taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes are avoided as much as possible. That leaves pretty much everything else available to be taxed at increasing rates. The last time I was pulled over for speeding here cost me $125 plus traffic court. it may be higher now. I was stopped by our state police on a major interstate highway doing 22 over the limit. But I think there was one more fine level. We also have a new law about hitting/killing workers in construction zones or workers on an emergency that can net you 14 years in jail and $10,000. There is also some truth that people who are from another
state are charged higher for traffic violations. I had a friend who many years back was pulled over for speeding in Ohio. Maybe it was because of his being an out of stater, the state cop escorted him off the next exit to a local justice of the peace where he paid a fine and court costs. I would hope this no longer goes on. Anyway the fines are not to offset property taxes if you are stopped by a state cop. If you are stopped by a local cop, all bets are off.

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my father hasnt been pulled over in like nearly thirty years.:eek: so i dont know how much a traffic ticket costs here.
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