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Sqeeky Brakes

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Aloha all,

I have had my car for 8 months, and 4700 miles. The brakes sqeal very badly with light brake pressure when you first drive off in the car after it has been sitting a while, and the brakes are not warmed up yet. It is getting to the point now that it has started to sqeal most of the time even after you have ben driving a while. It only does this with light break pressure on the pedal.
It will be going in for the 5000 mile service soon, I had already had the dealer change the oil at 1000 miles, and now break sqeal then.
I wonder if it will be covered under warrantee? The pads are a wear item, but so fast?:eek:
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My right side break squeaks only at two specific corners ever - turning into my lane on the left side of the road and turning into my drive on the right - !!???!
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