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Sqeeky Driver's Door Hinge

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Hi All,
Has anyone had problems with their drivers door hinge creaking evertime you open or close the door? My car is a 2008 Komfort with DSG. The creeking is driving me nuts! I have put white lithium grease with no relief. Are the doors to heavy for the hinges? Does nayone else have this problem? If so, how did you get it remedied?

Second, drivers door window sometimes forgets to snug up when closed. Anyone else with this problem? What is the fix for this?

Please help! I am worried I made a mistake buying this car.

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i would imagine a quick spray with a water repelling lubricant would sort the hinge out. As for the window not going up. I remember reading somewhere that a few people have had this; the anti-trap sensors were interpreting the window touching the seal as an object in the way of the window closing, and dropping the window down again. A simple reset of the window position at the dealer will fix it.

Dont panic! You will love the car!!!
The window has two sets of marks at the top egde for alignment. With the top up and the car locked, press the unlock button on the keyfob and see if the gap is uniform across the top. If not the dealer may need to realign the window. Or they may have to retighten the window in its mount. If the window looks good then the window needs to be run through its relearn function. This is done with the top up. You start with the window up. You then wind the window down with the button on the door and hold on to the button after it has bottomed out for another 2 or 3 seconds and then release the button. You then wind the window up doing the same thing. It should then be ok. This is probably what the dealer will do. If they do, be sure to have them explain how to do this in case this happens again. They should do all this as warranty
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I will give it a try. These new cars are getting so high tech.
I know. Kind of makes me miss my 67 Chevelle.
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