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Sticking Clutch problem

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Yesss... the day before I was to bring my car into the dealer to have my trunk fixed for the relocking problem (you all know this story by now I'm sure) I was at the Atlanta airport picking up my wife and the next thing I know my clutch is stuck to the floorboard and my stick is stuck in the neutral position!

I had to force the stick in first to grind my way out of traffic. Then I had to get out of the car and reach down to pull the clutch up from the floorboard. It would then work for about 10 min before sticking again, where, I would have to pull it up again. I figured out that I could reach my other foot under the clutch arm and pull it up without getting out the car.

You wonder why I have a stick and not DSG? Well I had to special order the 6sp manual becuase I love the feel of a manual trans. Just me.

Since I already had an appointment for the next day I called the dealer and they asked me to bring the car in an hour earlier to find the problem. 3 hours later they say they found a leak on the slave cylinder. Well, great! easy fix, right? maybe not.

Last night I was on the road again and the clutch stuck again. I'm starting to wonder if they actually found something before.

I will follow up when it is actually fixed in case any of you have similar problems.
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So the dealer doesn't know how to fix my clutch. Looks like they are going to use the shotgun approach and replace everything. I am getting a new master and slave cylinder and all new hydrolic system. The transmission was pulled and examined. Flushed and refilled. The transmission looks like it is still brand new and no wear - which is good news.

So the parts have to be ordered from overseas because the dealers here just don't carry manual 6sp parts here yet.

I did get a new 08 Jetta in the mean time to drive while I wait about a week for the parts to be delivered and installed. It is nice except for the last person to use it I think was a HEAVY smoker and by the smell of it I think he never opened a window!

I left the car in my garage with the sunroof and windows open the first night and the next morning I went to go to work and instead of the car airing out, the whole garage smelled like an ashtray. yuck.

to you smokers... sorry, but I think even this would be too strong for even you!

I guess the moral is I am getting a new clutch system and a free flush and fill of the transmission.:rolleyes:
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